Ik heb inmiddels 5 sessies met Boris gehad.
Boris trof me vanaf het eerste moment dat ik contact met hem had als open, heel sensitief en integer. Ik had daardoor meteen vertrouwen in hem en we konden al snel ‘aan de slag’.
Mijn vader is 23 jaar geleden overleden en het was bijzonder om via Boris contact met hem te krijgen. Alles wat hij aan Boris doorgaf, paste in hoe ik hem gekend heb en hoe onze relatie was. En: vanaf de eerste sessie kwam er ook verrassende nieuwe informatie die volledig paste in wat ik van hem kende. Ook kreeg ik contact met mijn grootmoeder, zijn moeder, die mij raadgevingen gaf. Heel bijzonder.

Waar ik de laatste twee sessies helemaal van ondersteboven ben geweest: er kwam een jeugdtrauma van mijn vader aan de orde, waar hij nooit over heeft gesproken. Een trauma dat grote consequenties heeft gehad voor zijn persoonlijke ontwikkeling en voor hoe hij zijn vaderrol vervulde voor mijn zussen en mij. Het maakte de puzzel van zijn leven voor mij compleet.

Boris, ik ben dankbaar voor jouw mooie talent om diepgaand contact te leggen met mijn vader en grootmoeder. Dat heeft mij -en mijn zussen- veel gebracht.

Jan Willem (Amsterdam)

The most stunning experience I had!

I have met Boris by February 2020 and we had a session that was amazing, eye-opening and enlightening. We had a chance to talk to my grandmother who had passed away 15 years ago. Not only I learned that she is ok and happy but also I heard her side of stories and her feelings regarding past events… Moreover now I know I have much more similarities with my grandmother and even I understand my emotions more clearly.

I am so thankful for meeting Boris. He is a spectacular person who may guide every human being with his incredible talent.

Thank you,

Pia (Zanzibar)

I’ve had three sessions with Boris now. The biggest reassurance was to find out no weird stuff is going on during the session. All’s really normal. Boris is a very down-to-earth man, the difference being that he has a kind of «open telephone line» with – yes, with whom, actually? With “up there”, or the hereafter I’d say. The third session in particular remains very clear and convincing to me. I had asked to contact a dear friend who passed away several years ago. The information that came through was like the other times very supportive, warm and loving (and sometimes downright funny). But this time Boris used some specific words that, although symbolic, could only come from this particular friend, about some shared experiences. It’s a heartwarming thought to me that this friend is not completely “gone” and is watching over me a little bit. She even made me a bit curious about what is to come after this life!

Miriana F. (Brussels)

Boris, what you did for us is incredible: bringing together two worlds apart. Reuniting separate worlds. The value of being reunited with an old friend cannot be expressed in money. A one-time contact can result in a forever settlement. It’s a great thing to find back the woman you love. And being able to express how much she means to me is worth ánything.

I feel connected with her and you at the same time. I’m sincerely a happy Frank now. One who has suffered. Ánd has lived! One who proved he did exist on earth. And proves he still exists in the afterlife. Thanks to you I can speak out now.

“You only live once, Boris” is what I always tell you. You know this like no other. You need to live right nów.
Living is proof of existence, right? Experiencing live is proof as well. And what do we stand for, here in the afterlife? Living! When you die, it’s a true shock to find out you’re still alive. With all the things you had still around you, but in a different way. In another dimension.

I am grateful that you said this, Boris.
You make mé live.

See you later Brother,

Frank (the Afterlife)

I agree with everything Frank says. What you do for us is invaluable. I hope you will make many more people happy with the great talent you have!

Pauline (Earth)

I never consulted a psychic medium before and I was quite nervous at first. But Boris knows how to put you at ease immediately and is an open and friendly person. The reading has brought me the support and insights I badly needed at the time. Thanks again Boris!

Marinka (Amersfoort)

I had a session with Boris and a follow-up session some time later. For me it was a new experience to make contact with the other side via a spiritual medium and I had no expectations. My (step) grandmother and (step) grandfather and father and mother in spirit stepped in. They highlighted the most relevant points in my life at this moment (eg having confidence, to follow my own course in life and not depending on my parents too much). It felt comforting to know they love me unconditionally and will always be there for me whenever I have questions or problems. In the second session I had some more specific questions about my work situation and these were answered. I would recommend a session (or several) with Boris to everyone! Boris is a warm and friendly person and the information you receive plus the support you experience during a session is very valuable.

Jessy (Amsterdam)