How do I work?
I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient medium. I can bridge the gap between earth and the afterlife. Once I tune into your guide or lost loved ones, I will start to receive messages intended for you. I might receive answers to your questions, or a message you currently need in your life to learn, heal, or enable you to continue your journey of life. My personal guides Viktor and Frank help me during these conversations and they establish harmony. By the end of a consultation you will have a clearer view about certain issues and you will know: you never have to face it alone.

Generally, I work via telephone, via whatsapp (no videocall). Because I spend a lot of time abroad
Upon request, we can arrange a live meeting for a standard or extensive consultation when I am in Holland/Belgium. However, this has to be planned well in advance and on time. Travel expenses are included in consultations outside of Amsterdam.

Brief consultations are performed exclusively by telephone.

You can read about the content and types of consultations I offer below. I welcome other consultation suggestions and we can discuss the possibilities together.

Types of consultations

A standard consultation allows you to choose from three options : receive an open message, ask specific questions or a combination of these.

Open message: you let the other side take control of the conversation. They determine the messages they want to give you. They know what you need to live more carefree. Encouragement, support, good advice, warm words from your mother, a pat on the shoulder from a good friend… Be surprised by the answers to questions of which you did not even know you had or find support from a possibly unexpected person.

Specific questions: we ask your guide or loved ones to answer your questions. Are you in need of advice to make an important decision? Would you like to talk to a lost loved one? Did you get stuck somewhere in life and do you wonder why? There is room for all sorts of questions and we can address a variety of issues related to, for example, love, work, health, the future etc. In some specific cases, a question cannot or may not be answered. I will tell you honestly when that happens.

Combination: ask a couple of focused questions and receive open messages from the afterlife on top of that.

Duration: 60 minutes   |  Price: € 75,-*    [book now]

An extensive consultation allows you to choose from the same three options as described above for the standard consultation.

If you want to get to the bottom of something or wish to resolve a complex issue to its core, I recommend the extensive consultation. Because we do not have to break off concentration, this generally offers better results than multiple brief consultations. It might put you back on track in one fell swoop. At the least you’ll gather a lot of info to take home!

Duration: 90 minutes   |  Price: € 100,-*   [book now]

Choose from two options: receive an open message or ask a question.

Would you like a sneak preview of the spirit world? Do you wish to receive a short, open message from your loved ones to get you back on your feet? Do you know exactly to which question you need an answer? Do you need a sign of life of a friend or family member? Book a brief consultation. This type of consultation is exclusively performed by telephone.

Duration: 30 minutes   |  Price: € 45,-*     [book now]
Duration:  15 minutes   |  Price: € 25,-*     [book now]


Occasionally, you can find me at my booth on fairs. If you like, you can pay me a visit and request a brief reading from me there. On the page News | Blog | Facts I post my participation in fairs. You can also find this information on the websites of the relevant fairs.


>> Please read my cancellation policy when planning to cancel a booked consultation. You can find it on the page Practical information.

* Prices do not include any travel expenses.